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Counseling Services

Are you having difficulty moving on from past experiences?  Do you feel stuck?  If so, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing might be right for you.  EMDR is a targeted, short-term, therapeutic technique that promotes healing by activating the brain's natural healing capacity.  EMDR began as a treatment for post-traumatic stress, but people with a variety of treatment goals can benefit from its healing properties.

Change is natural, but it's not always easy.  Whether it's graduation, marriage, parenthood, divorce, relocation, job change, adulting, or bereavement, life transitions lead to questions about identity, purpose and relationships.  It can be helpful to have someone to process the highs and lows of change so that you can thrive in every season of your life.

Bringing your faith into the counseling process can accelerate growth.  Counseling is a great space to explore spirituality and apply beliefs to daily life.  Clients from any faith background are welcome.

Stress and anxiety take a physical, emotional, psychological and relational toll.  Support from a professional can help lighten the load and free you up to do the things you love and be who you want to be when you're doing them.  In addition to emotional support, learn creative, practical ways to better manage life's challenging situations.

As a foster and adoptive mother, I am well-acquainted with the joys and sorrows associated with this lifelong journey. Sharing your unique struggles in a safe place and expanding your parenting toolbox can renew and reenergize your family.  

Parenting is an ever-changing endeavor, and sometimes you hit an impasse.  Counseling is a great space to identify roadblocks, generate new solutions and learn effective strategies for each stage in your child's development.

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