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Clarity Counseling


Warm, authentic relationships are transformational. 


At Clarity Counseling Knoxville, work with a compassionate, supportive therapist to pursue the change you long for.



Melissa Snyder


     Hi!  I’m Melissa Snyder, Licensed Professional Counselor.  My experiences in clinic settings and private practice have provided opportunities to counsel a diverse population of children, teens and adults.  In my counseling, I strive to create an understanding, supportive environment in which people have the opportunity to process their difficulties and generate solutions.  I specialize in life transition, anxiety, trauma recovery, relationship issues, post-adoption adjustment and spiritual integration.  I am certified in the use of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). 

     I aspire to balance understanding and validation along with feedback and skills for change. I value the integration of faith and spirituality into the healing process.  In my work, I incorporate EMDR, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Ego State Therapy techniques in order to assist clients in self-understanding, emotional regulation and resolving life problems

Green Couch

Heal from disturbing memories and adverse life experiences through a specialized therapeutic technique. EMDR sessions can be conducted in-person or through teletherapy.


Meet face-to-face for sessions at the office located at

12915 Kingston Pike in Knoxville.  Morning, afternoon and evenings appointments are available.



Participate in sessions virtually through a secure online platform.  The advantages of telehealth include convenience, privacy, flexibility and comfort.  Morning, afternoon and evening appointments are available.

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